And That’s Why

A year ago, if you asked me to say that I would be this into anthropology, psychology, literature, and politics, I would have laughed and continued on memorizing pi. But now, I have realized the issues of our world, realized how much we need to fix. These issues: gender equality, gun violence, terrorism: they aren’t impossible. It is those standing in the way that make it seem there is.

Now, some obstacles are merely accidental as they didn’t mean to get in your way, but now you have to suck it up and move past it. Others are intentional, as their perverted beliefs are just clouding our minds.

With this new knowledge, I started crafting poems, poems not contained of opinions, but all views. Written in such a way that I hope you would be inspired to help out with the issues in our world. Yes, I know this site probably has many typos, but please try to look past them to my message. I speak for everyone; I speak for myself.

Have fun kids!