Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

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So, I guess you guys were probably expecting this. This is totally a blog about (drum-roll please) – FLOWERS! Just Kidding! Today’s blog is for the obvious event: MOTHER’S DAY! I don’t even know where to start my mom is the most amazing woman in the whole world. There are so many things that I love about her and so many things that I could say about her in this one blog so I have an idea. I am going to say 13 things I love about my mom. If you are wondering why 13 , that number stands for how many years she’s been an amazing mom. So let’s get started.

  1. Pet Peeves

Alright, you might be wondering why pet peeves made the list for the things I love about my mom. Well there is a perfectly good reason. My mom’s pet peeves are what gives me and my dad entertainment. Her biggest one is that no one and I mean NO ONE can slurp anything next to her. Not even her favorite movie star Amitabh Bachchan. She also has other ones that just make me laugh, like needing a SMALL spoon for her cereal and a BIG spoon for other things and how her cereal needs to be warmed for 3 min and 15 sec on the dot. Although they can get on my nerves, it is hilarious to watch my dad go through them all 😉

  1. Understanding

My mom is the most understanding person I have ever met. Everyone always tells me that I have the great quality of never judging people and giving them the benefit of the doubt but that was purely my mom’s teachings. She taught me to always be an understanding person and never rush to any conclusions because you never know what someone else may be going through in their life. Even with me, if she thinks I did something wrong she always listens to what I have to say and my side of the story. When I come home from a long day at school and then give her an attitude she understands. If I accidentally drop something because my mind is somewhere else she understands. When I am a mom I hope can always be just as understanding as she is with me.

  1. Ultimate Juggler

Ok so, when I say juggler I most definitely do not mean it literally. What I mean is that she has so many things that she does at one time. She plans things for me, leads a community service group, has a full time job, cleans the house, makes us meals, and most of all is an amazing mother and wife. Those are a lot of things to do at one time and my mom does it with no complaints. I find that the people who have the most work are the ones who don’t say anything about it and just do it with a smile. My mom does so much and frankly I don’t thank her enough. So, THANK YOU MOMMY! Ever since she was little she has had a lot on her plate and that has never changed.

  1. Intelligent

My mom is super intelligent. She knew what she wanted to be ever since she was a little girl. She has always had a passion for helping people. When she was 5 years old she had an epiphany and wanted to be a doctor. She stopped at nothing to get to where she is today. When she was in high school she had to have a job on the side to put herself through college. So many people take going to a good college for granted but my mom made sure to appreciate and milk the most she could out of every single second. Now, she has passed on her intelligence to me and never pressures me but reminds me that I can do better. Thanks to her, I have has straight A’s all my life. Legend says she read to me when I was in her tummy and I have loved reading ever since and that’s where it all started.

  1. The biggest pusher

Again, when I say pusher I do not mean it in the literal sense. I mean that she always pushes me to my full potential and never lets me settle for anything less. In a lot of cases it’s the kid trying to get good grades for their parents but in my case my mom has guided me on the path of independence. She has taught me to want to have good grades for me and not for her and my dad. Because of my mom I push myself so that I can reach the best of my ability and become the most amazing person I can be in this life.

  1. Our fights

Just like any mother and daughter my mom and I do get in a lot of fights. We always push each other’s buttons but in the end it is all for the better. Even though most of our fights are about whether I can wear makeup or have to try on certain clothes we learn from each one. Over the years we have learned what to do and what not to do in certain situations. Each fight we have, no matter how small, brings us closer together. My mom has taught me to always be vocal and if we get into a fight because of it, I should always remember MADLY. Mom and Dad Love You. That is how we end each and every fight.

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    Girl’s Night

Every now and then, my mom and I have a girls night. This is just when we go out and do whatever we like. Sometimes we go and do our nails. Actually the funny thing about that is I hate getting my nails done or at least the thought of it because I hate just sitting there for an hour but when we walk out of the nail salon I am so happy that we went. Another things we do on girls night is go shopping or watch a movie. My mom hates animated movies so those are with dad but all the chic flicks those are with mom. In fact we are seeing one today!

  1. Barnes and Nobles

This is one of my favorite memories about my mom. We always make it a point every month or so to got to Barnes and Nobles. This is one of our favorite things to do ever since I was little. We go to Barnes and Noble, pick out a few books and go into a corner and read them . Sometimes we are there all day but we end up finishing the books before we even know they are done. My mom and I both love to read and we both get carried away into the book and after like 5 hours we are done and don’t know how much time has passed. We end our Barnes and Nobles day with a nice drink from Starbucks and then a nice movie at home.

  1. Mother’s Intuition

Mother’s intuition is freaky but cool. My mom always knows when something is wrong. In the middle of the night if I am sick or if I have something on my mind she will automatically know. I don’t know how it happens but it does and she is never wrong. Every single time she is right. Other ways she uses her intuition is when we are shopping and I refuse to try something on but she forces me and I end up loving it. She somehow always knows what’s best and when I don’t listen to her I always end up learning the hard way. Although she is always right I don’t think the part about listening every time will ever stand and I predict I will learn the hard way many more times in life but hey, I guess it’s just the circle of life.

  1. #1 Fan

My mom is my biggest fan in the whole wide world. Whenever I set my heart to something and love doing it she will always be there to support me. Even when I don’t want her there she never fails to be there and in the end I am forever grateful. Without her support I don’t think I would enjoy anything in life half as much as I do know. There is no other feeling in the world that feels as good as when your mom is screaming loud from the crowd and she is by far the loudest and proudest one there.

  1. Lady in the Black Dress

My mom loves the color black. It was her favorite color since she was little. Our relationship is funny when it comes to these colors. I don’t like that she likes black so much so I colored her life up a bit more. I always make sure that she is never wearing just plain right black. There must always be color when she walks out the door or else…. Here comes the funny part. It has started going the other way around. Now she is making sure I wear plain black and white and the worst part is that I’m starting to like it. The point is we both bring color to each other but in very different ways.

  1. Religion

My mom believes that in this world we are nothing without religion and she is right in my opinion. She has raised me in a way to love my religion and cherish it with all my heart. Everyone has doubts in their life about religion and whenever I do my mom listens to what I have to say and never gets mad but points out so many of the amazing part of our religion like the bravery, the compassion, the community and so much more. She has taught me something irreplaceable: A love for my religion that I will pass down for generations to come.


My mom is a lot of things to me. Mostly all good things. Mostly. But the best of them all is that she is my best friend. Sure she does act like a mom to me as it is her job but she does also act like a friends. I don’t have a sister but I can talk to my mom about anything just like I could talk to a sister. Sometimes I take everything my mom does for me for granted and treat her less than I should but mommy when you read this I hope you know that appreciate you with all my heart and there is no way I could love you more than I already do since I love you the most possible now. I know we have had our ups and downs but at the end of the day I know you will always be there. I love you so much!

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