Happy Birthday G-Daddy

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As many of you already know, my G-Daddy (grandfather) recently passed away. His birthday is today and I thought that I would do a blog completely dedicated to him and how much I love and miss him, he would have been 81 today. He was always preaching to us that we should be happy in every step of our life so with this blog I am going to focus on all the happy memories with him like I know he would want me to so here it goes.

My G-Daddy was my number 1 fan and cheerleader. Every time I made an accomplishment the first thing that I would do would be to call my G-Daddy and tell him. He would always express how proud he was of me and say that I would do great things. After that he would say “Good luck all the time”. After the call before he hung up he would quietly say “Waheguru”, a term most often used in Sikhism to refer to God, the Supreme Being or the creator of all. It means “Wonderful Teacher” in the Punjabi language, but in this case is used to refer to God.  I actually never realized that until really recently but it was true for every single call. He was truly cared about us more than we can ever know.


He lived to see all of his grandkids accomplish things in life. Every time he would see me he would remind me that I was going to get into Harvard and Yale and become the President of the United States. I recently became the president of NJHS at our school and he said that was just the start of my career. He saw the best in everyone, inside our family or out. He had a huge heart that had love in it for anyone who would come around. He would treat every kid as his own and every adult like his best friend. He would make everyone feel important no matter what they were doing in life. He made everyone feel special and loved. I can honestly tell you that after I talked to him I was convinced that I could literally do anything.

G-Daddy had a strong faith in our religion, Sikhism. The main pillars of our religion are serving others and putting others before yourself. We (the family) would always tell him that he should come and live with one of us, but guess what he said. “You should concentrate just on the kids. I don’t want to come because I want all your attention to be on my grandkids.” Just that shows how truly selfless he was. Every single time it was even so much as raining he would call all of us and tell us to be careful and put the right clothes on. No matter what he was doing he would make sure that all 12 of us were ok. Towards the end of his life he was not as mobile and was not able to leave the house as much as he would have liked. No doubt, he was always in a lot of pain but if you saw him and had a conversation with him you would never know. Despite all he went through on a daily basis he was always in constant happiness. Another part of our religion is being in a state of “Chardi Kala”. This means that you are constantly happy through any point in life. G-Daddy was the perfect example of someone in Chardi Kala. Have you heard the saying laughter is contagious? Well let me tell you, his was. His laughter was the sweetest thing, that could change my day around. His pure happiness rubbed off onto everyone around him.

So you know how I mentioned that there were 12 of us in the family? Well he made sure he had a special bond with each and every one of us. Weather it be football, politics, Gurbani, or poetry he had a connection with all of us. To me this shows two things. First, he was such a highly intellectual man. He could spend a day sitting and thinking and not be bored for a second. He always had this little notebook that he would poetry and his thoughts. He would read books in different languages and tried to understand so many concepts. He was a human encyclopedia. If he you asked him about any subject under the sun, chances are he something about it and could carry a conversation on with you. He took it upon himself to learn so many different things so he would have a bond with everybody in the family. Second this shows how much he cared about the family itself. He wanted to have a relationship with everyone. He wanted to show all of his grandkids that he loved them and had something to talk about with them. He always wanted us to be interested in conversations so we would talk about things of our choice. Even when we were not together, if he saw something on TV that he thought any of us would like he would call our parents and tell them to show a certain show to us. He used his never ending knowledge to create everlasting bonds that mean so much to me personally.

G-Daddy, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I love you so much. More than words can ever describe. I know that you would not want any of us to be sad for too long so I will do my best to remember that you are with Waheguru and what happened was for the best. I like to think that you are in heaven with G-Mamma watching over me as I am writing this very blog. I want you to know that you had a huge part in my life and still do. Every-time I do something I am proud of I will be thinking of you and I can only hope that you are smiling down on me. With every decision I make I will first think about what you would have said to me. Your advice will forever remain in my heart “All the Time”.

This is a poem that I wrote for you G-Daddy:

All the Time

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I hear his voice echoing wherever I go, all the time

I hear his kind laughter calming me, all the time

I feel the essence of him within me, all the time

Before I do anything I think of him, all the time

He is in me, all the time

He still loves me, all the time

He is my inspiration, all the time

I will love him and he will love me, all the time

Stay Happy, Healthy, Holy, Hilarious, ALL THE TIME! – Sardar Singh Ahuja, the man I am beyond proud to call my grandfather. I love you so much.

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