Challenge the Darkness

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All around the world in places far and near there is always going to be bits of darkness everywhere we look. Some people say that there is no way to change that and some people sit there and criticize others that are trying to make a change while they are not doing anything at all. Well my friends, this is something we can’t do. There is darkness in every area of life. For kids its bullies, for adults maybe it’s financial stress but if you sit back and think about there are people who have it way worse but that doesn’t mean that none of our challenges matter because they do. Instead of being a victim we need to put ourselves out there and in the words of Gurleen Ahuja “Challenge the Challenge the DARKNESS”.

Don’t take no for an answer. Never stop until you achieve your goal to make a better place. Keep on running because the journey to end evil is a long race. (and no that was not meant to rhyme 🙂 )

The first thing I want to talk about is the darkness that we as american teenagers face in our day to day lives. Bullies. In all forms. Cyber, physical, verbal. All of them are just as bad. Most of the time when kids chose to express themselves and be who they are there is always someone waiting to knock all the hope right out of them. Im not saying that its bad to feel sadness or pain when bullies come along but what I am saying is we can’t just sit back and stand for it. Stand up to them. Don’t use the same methods they used but do not play victim. To all the bullies out there, I know you are a good person on the inside but why are you trying to put other people down to make yourself feel better. Put yourself in their shoes. It doesn’t feel good in it. One nice thing goes a long way. As soon as you put your anger and ego behind, the world might just start becoming a lighter place. I’m not a naive person and I know that all the people who have made bad choices won’t just go away and there needs to be some bad to balance out the good and teach us, but who are we as humans if we are watching others suffer and just keep watching without raising a finger.

The next thing I want to talk about is an amazing foundation that is working its buts off to challenge darkness every single day. The foundation is called Students Helping Honduras. I was introduced to them at a young age by my cousins. In high school they started chapters at their schools. What the foundation does is raise money and go to Honduras to spend time with the kids and build schools. The cool part about it is my cousins actually got to go to Honduras and build the schools with their bare hands and they were able to make connections and relationships with the kids that were unbreakable. It changed their lives. I am hoping to go to when I am old enough.

You might be wondering why are schools so important? Well in America if you don’t have education after high school it’s a harder life but it is still manageable. In Honduras some kids get no education at all and fall into extreme poverty and even worse gang violence as their only way of making a living for their families. Now I’m not randomly telling you this…

Okay so this is where it all ties together. My amazingly talented cousin Gurleen, wrote a song called “Challenge the Darkness.” This song empowers people to do something, and not let the world pass you by. The song is really catchy and awesome and is ON ITUNES AUGUST 15TH! All of the proceeds are going to the foundation SHH. This is Gurleen’s way of challenging the darkness through a song called Challenge the Darkness. So yes now I am going to advertise. PLEASE GO BUY THE SONG. IT IS ONLY 99 cents. Even if you don’t like the song (which is impossible) go buy it to help kids in Honduras. You can Challenge the Darkness with 99 cents.

“It’s time to let your thoughts be known and Challenge the Darkness” – Gurleen Kaur Ahuja

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