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And just like that it’s over.

Today was our last day before we get on a plane and say bye-bye to Barcelona. Let me just tell you, it’s been a blast. The tapas, the people, the architecture, I have never seen anything like it. Let me tell you a little secret. I actually thought I would not have fun on this trip. My usual kind of vacation is just getting an all inclusive resort and relaxing in the pool and on the beach but this was amazing beyond compare. Everywhere you look there is something beautiful. Even a small apartment in Barcelona would have Gaudi style architecture.

I never like walking on a vacation, but if I had’nt I wouldn’t have gotten any “heavenly tapas” (in the words of my dad) , or been able to take in any of the beauty of the history. I loved it all but I gotta admit, it was very tiring! That’s why we used the last day to chillax. It was actually kind of funny. I had three things on my agenda today. First I would go the pool, then I would go to the beach, and lastly I would go on the skyride or cable car. It was wayy too cold for the pool and the poolside food was not so good. :-\ Next we tried the beach, and it was very sunny, but the water was wayy too cold. Lastly, the cable car. Guess how long the wait was? 2 FRIGGIN HOURS! But I guess all in all today was a good day because we went to this little village that was built to showcase all of Spain and it had really good food.

It was amazing while it lasted but I gotta say bye to Barcelona and the Barcelona Diaries! I hope you guys enjoyed the journey with me.

Hasta Luego! 🙁

P.S. I know I said 6 posts but tomorrow all I’m gonna be doing is sitting on a plane so yeah! 😛

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