Barcelona Diaries – Guest Post by Ricky Ahuja

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Talk about pressure…having to follow up T’s blog posts is like having to play point guard for the Bulls after MJ had retired, it is a no win situation. I will however give it a shot and see if I can do it justice. I am thrilled for T allowing me to guest post on her behalf so hopefully she will be proud when she wakes up in the morning and sees the post.

I am not sure when the day starts or the night ends but these last few days have been an absolute blur. Barcelona is certainly a city with so many things to do and see (many of which you have already heard from T in her previous posts) but I am totally fascinated with the beauty of the city – not just the visual part we all have seen over the last few days but the internal beauty of the people that we have come to experience firsthand.

Case in point, while going for a walk to a local tapas hangout – an elderly gentlemen was hit by a motorcycle who accidentally clipped the curb and within no time at all, the bystanders were helping him up, calling the medics and ensuring all was ok. I have seen many a minor accidents take place stateside and not once did I see anyone get out of their vehicles or stop what they were doing to help out. Everyone is always in a hurry and/or indifferent thinking that someone else will come along and help out.

There are numerous other examples from someone going out of their way to give directions, to the super nice worker in the awesome gelato place to the worker at the metro station. Everyone is so friggin nice!

This is a great segue into how nice this vacation has been. It is not about seeing the fantastic cathedrals, the amazing architecture or even the heavenly tapas. It has been nice because we have been able to spend some quality family time that we have not had the luxury os spending over the past few years for obvious reasons but I am certainly glad and blessed for having such an amazing wife and daughter without whom life would be rather mundane and trivial. I mean after all, who would I fight with every Friday or go hang out with at Starbucks?

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