Barcelona Diaries – Day 2

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Today was another jam-packed day of culture and fun. It started at 1:00 P.M. For those of you who don’t know me, this is a very rare thing. I am an early bird and always up before 8 am. Today I was very proud of myself for doing this. So this means we had no breakfast and went directly to lunch. We walked for a while and then decided to take a cab because it was 2:00 o’clock and no one had eaten anything yet! We took a cab to Old Town Barcelona to see what that had in store. We found this cafe called Cafe Victor. We had tapa after tapa after tapa until we could eat no more. We tried stopping but the food was so good we actually forced ourselves to eat more. After the delicious meal bursting with taste, we headed over to The Cathedral (La Seu) which was next to the cafe in the Gotic district. The second we walked in we were amazed at the beauty and elegance of the church. I found it jaw-dropping that anyone could create something of such wondrous and amazing beauty that had so much meaning within it’s walls. It was very interesting to learn so much about a different religion and culture along with  the history behind them.

When we stepped out of the cathedral, we happened to see street performers. These people were doing amazing stunts and they even invited three women and performed a cartwheel over them (they asked my mom but sadly she said no). When they were done we moved on to go see the Picasso museum. I have some funny stories about that trip. On the way to the museum, there were many shops and we saw this store of decorations that spun around and were powered by the wind.  My mom decided it would be nice to go in. The shop was set up was in the shape of a rectangle. On one side they had displays and on the other side  was a large mirror reflecting the displays. My mom did not realize that it was a mirror and thought there were displays on both sides.  So obviously like the mommy I have come to know and love, she walked into the mirror  thinking that she was going to touch a display.  We all laughed included the store lady.

After this funny incident, the plan was to walk to the Picasso museum but we kept going in every store on the way.  My dad just loved that (wink, wink). Eventually my dad dragged us to the museum and thank gosh he did. Picasso’s work was full of creativity displaying his paintings from age 12 onward. After absorbing the depth and diversity of his artwork, we headed back to the hotel. This was when we saw another side of Spain. We saw a motorcycle accident which was quite scary and then we helped a little girl who happened to be lost in the Gotic district. She was so scared and her tiny eyes had big tears.  She was so happy when she found her dad and the smile was priceless.

Than we headed to Gurudwara (Sikh temple).  This was definitely the highlight of the day and loved seeing how our religion is practiced so widely around the world.

The day ended with more delicious food at Txapala and a midnight stroll on the streets of Barcelona. I hoped you enjoyed Day #2 and tune in tomorrow for the next set of adventures in Barcelona.


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