That Black Room

That Black Room

April 10, 2018 Uncategorized 0



Jet, matte black.


My first thought,

Am I blind?

But then I saw a glimpse

of a hand

and panicked


I like to be


I like to know

my surroundings

But I’m lost

now, what do

I do?


My breathing quickened

Like a chug-a-chug of a

Train, marching, marching, marching


My hand trailed the walls, trying

Trying to find the door, trying to get out

I hear a voice


I hear a voice and freeze.

I am a statue, I am ice.

A friend?


I hesitantly whisper.

A cackle erupts from

The other side.


Some imaginary force

throws me against

The wall.


Definitely evil, the voice is

Hope is an accomplice

I know, I know I won’t

Be let out of this misery,

Malice lurks around me


My back aches

My energy is gone

Now I am

Blacking out


Before I leave

My eyes glance over the room

Still black

Still jet, matte black

Still an abyss of ink

And my eyes meet a new darkness




The cackle grows louder

The cackle grows closer

I am darkness, I am nothingness

I am trying to convince the cackle


“Spare me! Oh spare me,

For I am you as well,

Nothing in me exists,”


A moment passes,

Two moments,


And the cackle erupts louder than ever




My eyes flip open

My back still aches

It is still black

So dark


I sit up quickly, ready to fight the cackle

It will not take control of me, I will not

Permit it to.


“Where are you! Show your face, coward!”

I scream, fear and pain forsaken

I am darkness, I am nothingness


Nothing overpowers me.


I spin around, again and again

My hands curled at my side,

Ready to throw the first punch

My body is stiff, alert at every moment

I am sweating profusely; it’s so warm

My eyes feel wild, never staying

In one place


But all I see is black, all I hear is black.


Frustration rips through my head

causing any light, any white

To wither away, they are dead


My soul is tarnished

My aura a nonexistent color

The cackle has done its job

Bullied I am, bullied is my mind

Shattered in a million pieces

Never to be put back together again


He knows it too,

That he has finally broken me.


He is probably watching the blackness

Spread through my body, my mind

So what, if the cackle allowed me relief,

it’s too late for me.


The familiar lights and sounds filled the room; I could finally breathe.


Well this is a poem. I hope you like it.



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