A New Smile

A New Smile

March 22, 2018 Poetry 0

she gets up everyday, a new smile

painted on her face

walks through school upbeat, outgoing

everyone thinks she has a good life going

for her


so then they overlook the little things

like teasing her for a little too long

or judging her a little too harsh

the smile is dwindling

its fading away


but still she walks with her shoulders back

though her heart weighs her down

she tries to be strong, just for

appearances; just to please others


she goes home, and suddenly

everything comes crashing down

her shoulders are tired from holding the

weight of her heavy heart


nobody realizes it

nobody cares to listen



she cries herself to sleep each night,

and gets up everyday with a new smile


The Florida Shooting that happened recently was is a direct analogy for this poem. The poor shooter was going through something, and nobody noticed. Never again. #enough



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