Hello; Goodbye

Hello; Goodbye

March 17, 2018 Poetry 0

Hello solitude

Welcome to my home

Where I’m trapped in a cage

Placed in a room bustling

With people


Goodbye trust

And vivacity and

Pure happiness

For now I am a


I hide behind my smile


Oh Hello nyctophilia!

Your serene noise

Calms me

Maybe because there is

No noise

For my poor ears haven’t evolved

To comprehend daytime’s



And Goodbye serendipity

I say bye to the days where

Things seemed to go my way

Now life seems to control me

Twisting and stretching my sanity

Until it breaks; shatters

Not like glass, but like a mirror


Hello and goodbye

My inevitable life

Hello and goodbye





The worst Hello; the worst Goodbye
Why should our lives be like this?



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