The Suitcase

The Suitcase

March 4, 2018 Poetry 1
Its been sitting 

There forever

That packed suitcase

Never to leave this room

Never to see the world

I sat there one day

Staring at the bulging top

Clothes and books

Won’t stay in there long

Quickly I made the decision

Furiously I zipped it open

Everything fell out

The walls around

Closed in


All that luggage

Some wrinkled and old

Some smelling fresh

Why are the walls coming closer

Look around

They are taunting me


Why is there so much

Why didn’t you ever unpack

They said it would be a relief

To unpack the suitcase

But then why

Do I feel more vulnerable

Too much

Its too much

I packed it all away

It’s not going to come out



All those poetry readers, try to interpret what i’m saying here… comment down below what i am talking about! Like and subscribe(omg i sound like a youtuber)!





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