Month: March 2018

A New Smile

she gets up everyday, a new smile painted on her face walks through school upbeat, outgoing everyone thinks she has a good life going for her   so then they overlook the little things like teasing her for a little too long or judging her a little too harsh the smile is dwindling its fading…
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March 22, 2018 0

Hello; Goodbye

Hello solitude Welcome to my home Where I’m trapped in a cage Placed in a room bustling With people   Goodbye trust And vivacity and Pure happiness For now I am a Eccedentesiast I hide behind my smile   Oh Hello nyctophilia! Your serene noise Calms me Maybe because there is No noise For my…
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March 17, 2018 0

The Swing

It called out to her the shiny red seat dangerously it hung from the rusty grey chains   Eagerly she climbed on curious about this new experience she giggled adorably Lost of all seriousness   Her dainty little legs swung back and forth like a clock tick tock, tick tock slowly the pendulum moved faster…
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March 13, 2018 1

The Suitcase

Its been sitting There forever That packed suitcase Never to leave this room Never to see the world I sat there one day Staring at the bulging top Clothes and books Won’t stay in there long Quickly I made the decision Furiously I zipped it open Everything fell out The walls around Closed in Claustrophobic…
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March 4, 2018 1