My Glorious Treasure

My Glorious Treasure

February 7, 2018 Poetry 0

A burst of excitement fills my veins
I clutch my treasure in my hand
Everyone laughed and doubted me,
But now I’m the ruler of this land.

The papery feel of these green headed bills
causes shivers to run down my arm
All my hard work has paid off
My peers confused and alarmed

Skipping down the street I spot a man
And am overcome by an urge to tell him my story
But I am surprised as I draw closer
His back is hunched like a hill, his hair is hoary

Hesitantly I glance down at my hand
And the prize I am so proud of
Without another beat I walked up to the man
Held out my treasure, staring him in the eye

He glanced up slowly, shock evident on his expression
But I kept my stance
He gratefully took the money without question
And I walked away, a victorious smile on my face


The narrator of this poem is a very good person. Though he earned money as a prize, worked hard for it and obviously was very proud for it, he immediately gave the money away to someone who needed it more. If we work hard and give to others, our world can even out, and then everyone will be successful and advancing. Happier people, happier world.




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