They Are Lying

They Are Lying

February 4, 2018 Poetry 0


The poem you are about to read is called a reverse poem. In this case, when you read it regularly, you will get one point of view. However, when you read it backwards, you get the reverse opinion. Please read this carefully and find the message I try to convey!

I’m just a weak woman


You must be the invulnerable male

And I refuse to believe that

Women are equal to men


Men are equal to women

We have to recognize

“Gender determines lifestyle”

We should abandon

Gender equality

I firmly believe in

Gender inequality

Don’t you dare fight for

“Baby making machines”


“Weak male souls”

How dare you say we are the

Hate on the equal rights movement

What they do is

Lie every day, everywhere


Support female rights, support men’s rights!

I will not listen to their mendacity

Men should ignore the discrimination coming their way,


Women should hush if treated unfairly

It is foolish to presume that

We all want to live equal, men and women alike

Mindsets like these can only be changed if put in reverse.


Never should gender determine how you live. While I very much so support feminism, we cannot ignore men’s rights as well. GENDER EQUALITY! Did you know that men dominate the suicide rate? Since society makes them out as the “Strong, nothing hurts them” kind of people, they cannot speak up about their problems. If they do, they face social bullying. And what about the harsher prison sentences than women for the same crime? Of course, can you forget that each man has to register with the government as eighteen in case of an emergency drafting? How come women get a free pass out of that? Because men are expected to man up and face their own problems, they turn to alcohol, drugs, suicide, and crime. I believe that much is going on to support feminism, but not enough is going on for men’s rights. I believe in gender equality, as difference in hormones and body parts does not mean there are differences in mindset and mind power. We all are born with the potential to be great.


Please share this story and poem with anyone you know, and step by step the world will become a better place!





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