Strong I Will Be

Strong I Will Be

February 4, 2018 Poetry 0

I say I am a warrior

Fearless and never wrong

But deep down I hide the truth

It’s impossible, I’m not



My heart vacillates with every word

My eyes refuse to dry

My limbs are constantly trembling

We are dear friends, fear and



But I got through today unscathed.

Finally my soul feels still

Can I be a warrior

Truly overpower my



Irrevocably a decision has been reached

And like a bird I am free

I don’t have to be a warrior or a coward

I can be who I want to




The last word of each stanza represents a part of a phrase we should tell ourselves every day. IF we are confident about ourselves, than insecurity and mental illnesses will go down, and less bullying will occur. The narrator in this poem is going through a journey to ultimately reach the fullness of this phrase. Whether is takes you a day or a month, please realize that everyone is strong underneath, no matter what anyone thinks






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