Once I Was

Once I Was

February 4, 2018 Poetry 0

Once I was a majestic bird,

Free to do I please
Soaring above luscious forests,
My happiness would never cease

My elation has forever changed
As now my freedom is lost
I am stuck in an everlasting circle
So I cry silently with exhaust.

Oh how I miss the friendly breeze!
Oh how I miss the dazzling sun!
For now metal bars shield me in,
And cackling captors have their fun

I shall not weap, I shall not cry
Regardless of what I’ve heard
Regally I stand, brave and strong
For once

I was a majestic bird.

So many people have a perfect life, but that can change so quickly. If they once were happy, others can completely destroy that happiness. That is life. There is nothing we can change about it. What we can do is stay strong, and fight for our lives back. This is how we will create a better atmosphere.


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